Life Is Learning

My oldest is NOT looking forward to the start of school. He's not depressed about it, but getting ready for a new school year is a summer buzzkill.

When I was a kid, as soon as the back-to-school ads started on TV I would start to feel my summer mood slip away. It felt like old people were determined to make my summer vacation feel shorter. And for no good reason! Everybody knows school is coming...why do old people need to do this? Stop advertising in the middle of summer!

My son feels the same way. "Don't talk to me about it. I know."

Great Family Road Trip Games

Anyone who has taken a long family road trip knows how easy it is to rely on electronics. They are easy, convenient and they keep the kids quiet. But they also become a barrier to communication. The family is sitting together, and nobody says anything.

Rather than hauling out the electronic gadgets, try these low-tech activities that will help you spend some quality time and bond as a family.