Who Should You Leave A Capsule For?

Saving memories in Capsules is about continuing your conversations with those you care about, even after you are gone. Capsules are collections of special moments and meaningful memories. They are stories told in video, photos and letters.
So, the question is who would you, or should you, have this extended conversation with? How do you decide? This answer will vary depending on our relationships. There are some obvious ones that come to mind - children and grandchildren - but those may not apply to you. Each of us has a unique place in the world and a particular set of circumstances.
Everybody has someone that is, or was, important in their lives. We think they would feel a sense of peace and closure if they had something meaningful from you. Relationships can form in so many ways and the people that have an impact on our lives can come from unexpected places. 
Here are some suggestions on who would benefit from receiving a capsule directly from you to them. 
Leave a capsule for each of your children, from each relationship. 
So many great moments are shared between parents and their kids. It's no surprise that some hold a unique place in our hearts and stand out as being special. Capsules are a place to capture the greatest experiences and make sure they don't fade with time.
Unfortunately, it’s not news that the divorce rate is pretty high. The breakup of relationships can sometimes make communication with children difficult. If you have things to say, but are unable for whatever reason, then they can be added to a capsule just in case the opportunity never presents itself.
Or, there may be something that you have talked about or shared with your kids, and you just want to make sure they heard you and have something permanent.
Even when in the same household, it is no surprise that parents and kids can have communication challenges. These roadblocks could be due to the child’s age, attitude, the health of your relationship, embarrassment around the topic, even legal issues.
Leave a capsule for your grandchildren.
The relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents can be intensely close. Even if everything has been said before, there is something special about leaving it in writing. This leaves a legacy that grandkids can have and cherish for a lifetime.
Leave a capsule for your spouse or significant other. Current and past.
When relationships fall apart, very often there is a lot left unsaid. Sometimes that is best. But there are circumstances where there are big benefits to getting those words down before you pass on. It can provide healthy closure for you by writing it out, and for them when they receive the capsule.
Leaving a capsule with special moments and messages for your current spouse or 
love only makes sense. If you pass on, they will be going through a tough time and something special from you can help.
Leave a capsule for your parents.
Life is unpredictable. That’s why we buy insurance and do other planning for our families. When a child of any age dies before their parents it is a deep tragedy. Recording it in a capsule lets adult children say those things to their parents that they never had a chance, or felt too uncomfortable, to say.  
It may be an unlikely situation for you to die first, even though there is some evidence that this is changingbut just in case it happens a capsule with heartfelt messages can be immensely meaningful. 
Leave a capsule for someone that changed your life. 
Some of us have had people in our lives that changed us. Friends, mentors, teachers or others can make a tremendous difference and alter our path for the better. They may not even know the impact they had. 
Leaving a capsule is an opportunity to tell them how they helped you and what has it meant to your life. 
Each of us have people that mean the world to us. Immediate family, extended family and major life influencers all have a special place. There are a lot of reasons why it can be hard to tell them exactly how we feel. Sometimes the right time or the right place can be elusive.
Capsules let you leave a private message for each person using words, pictures and video. In the secure privacy of a capsule you can be as revealing, forthright and emotional as you wish. A capsule becomes a permanent record that your loved ones will cherish for many years to come.