Take Your Capsules to New Heights With These Ideas

Private, online capsules allow our members to save a personal collection of messages and digital files for each of their loved ones. This opens up great opportunities for communication and creativity when you have control over what is said, to whom and the method used. 
Each capsule can contain a unique combination of picture, video or audio files and written messages. Hopefully, you find some of these ideas helpful when thinking about what to add to your loved one’s capsule. 
1. Tell a story by organizing multiple files
You can use a variety of file types when capturing a story or conveying the emotion of an event. To fully express your thoughts and feelings, you can use pictures, videos, write a message, even leave music and documents. Often pictures or videos will be scattered across a number of phones or cameras. Capsules let you bring these together and tell a story.
The easy way to organize related files is to use the same Title for each. Within the capsule, this title will be displayed beside each upload or message making it easy to see what you have added. Just as importantly, it will be clear to the capsule recipient which files you wanted grouped together.
As an example, we want to upload two pictures related to a child or grandchild’s high school graduation. To do this we can: 
  1. Add a descriptive title (“High school graduation - so proud” in this example)
  2. Upload the two pictures we want to add to the capsule 
  3. Add the Comments to Accompany File(s) to say why these photos are meaningful
  4. Click “Save and Process Files” to add them to the capsule.
Once the upload is complete, you will see thumbnail images of the saved files with the title beside it.
If you add something to a capsule at a later date that you want included with this event, simply use the same title. This makes it very easy to see which content belongs together.
2. Record your life story the way you know it happened
Everybody has a story to tell. You don’t need to live a high profile life with a lot of “big” stories to have something worth telling and sharing. Even the big stories that are known among family and friends may not be well understood. Who knows the story behind the story? Maybe you are the only one.
Often the best stories, the ones that are insightful and will mean the most to others, are the day to day stories. The daily triumphs and setbacks. The life lessons that were learned along the way. Those are the circumstances and events that can reveal the texture of a life, and they can be most susceptible to being lost when someone passes away. 
It is common for these life stories to not be shared, particularly by those with a “stiff upper lip”. Maybe it was too painful, or too personal, or it was embarrassing, or the time was never right to talk about it.
Your story should not die with you.
3. Tell someone else’s life story
While everyone has a story, not everyone is able or willing to write theirs. Perhaps you have a loved one who is suffering from health issues, or they think their story is not interesting enough. 
Even when relationships are strong, the experiences and stories of a loved one’s life often fade and are forgotten. It’s not on purpose, of course, but unless it is written down or recorded somewhere the details can be lost with time. 
Capsules are an opportunity to preserve memories of the life of someone you care about.
4. Life lessons for the next generation
Maybe documenting your life story seems too daunting a task. But as a parent or grandparent, it is a guarantee that you have learned things that could be beneficial or interesting to your kids or grandkids and that will help them on their journey. 
You might want to leave particular advice depending on your relationship with them. Or you can organize your life lessons by topic (relationships, working life, money, happiness, etc.). You can have separate capsule entries and use the Title option mentioned above to organize them. Or, you can put everything in a single list. There is a lot of flexibility.
While your family members may be too young, or may not want to listen now, capsules can capture this valuable insight for when they are ready.
5. Communicating with estranged children, relatives or friends
Sometimes things happen in life and people go their separate ways.
Even if the desire to reconnect is there, that is not always possible or practical. By leaving a capsule for someone, you are able to say what you feel needs to be said. It will be delivered to them and they will have control over when they read it. 
6. Leave a daily life diary
The design of thoseilove.com makes it easy to access the application anytime you have internet access. You can login and record what is going on in your life anytime you wish. 
You can have a private, secure journal or diary that you can leave for a loved one if you should pass away. 
7. Save your most meaningful pictures and add comments
Digital cameras and smartphones have made picture taking easier than ever. Sometimes it feels like we have too many pictures and it is hard to keep the meaningful ones separate.
With capsules, you can select and save only the pictures that mean the most to you or others. Since each capsule is personal, you can leave unique pictures for each loved one. The ability to include your personal comments gives the capsule recipient a true understanding of why that picture was meaningful to you.
8. Leave video messages for loved ones
Maybe you are not one to type out notes and would rather leave a video message. It may the same message that you include in each capsule. Or, perhaps you wish to leave a special video for each capsule recipient. 
Video is just another file type and can be easily uploaded to capsules.
9. Your funeral the way you want
Organizing your funeral might seem a bit depressing, but if you don’t do it someone else will.  You may have specific ideas on how you would like your funeral to be arranged. Or, you want to relieve others of the burden of doing it during a difficult time. 
You might have ideas on the guest list, the music to be played or the location. Perhaps you want to write your own obituary, or have a video be shown during the service. All the details and files can be organized within a capsule and sent to someone you trust, should you pass on.
Wrap up
Capsules offer the ability for you to take a very personal approach to how you leave something special for a loved one. Almost any digital file type can be uploaded so you can say what you want a number of different ways, messages can accompany each file to give it context and you only need access to the internet to login and make changes. 
We hope this was helpful. Do you think we left any creative uses for capsules off the list? We would love it if you would comment below.