Six Moments You Should Share in Your Capsules

Building a personal, confidential capsule filled with memories for a loved one is an opportunity. You can preserve forever those special moments and thoughts that are close to your heart.
Moms and Dads to their kids, spouses to each other, best friends. All have unique relationships and experiences.
There is almost no limit to what you might want to record and save. Each person has their own perspectives and life situations. The private and confidential nature of capsules gives you the freedom to say whatever you wish.
The ideas below might give you some inspiration. We are sure you can come up with many more.
1. A special moment together
Is there an experience that you shared with your loved one that shines? Maybe it was an incredible moment for both of you, or maybe it only meant something special to you. Sometimes people experience the same moment very differently. Your unique perspective can leave you deeply moved by something that they may have long since forgotten.
And it doesn’t need to be “the” moment of your life together. There can be dozens, or even hundreds, of special moments over a lifetime. Capture it in a capsule so they will always have them when you are gone.
2. What it meant to you when they were born
The birth of another human is not an uncommon event. It happens a lot. There are about 370,000 babies born each day
But when they are your babies it has an impact. It changes your life. The emotion of the event can be overwhelming.
Have you ever had a conversation with your child on what that event meant to you and how deeply you were affected? It can be hard to put into words they understand. Sometimes this can only be done by writing it down so they can look at it when they are older.
3. When they demonstrated that they have “grown up”
As parents or caregivers we have the opportunity to see our kids move from one stage of development to the next. But sometimes there are moments that stand out as milestones. They surprise and delight us and fill us with pride.
Perhaps they showed extraordinary courage or compassion. Maybe they made a breakthrough in maturity and responsibility. 
How fantastic for them to have a note from you describing that moment and what it meant to you. 
4. When they made you proud
This is a natural topic for parents and kids, but it can apply to any relationship. There can be situations where grandchildren, spouses, friends, or family members did something extraordinary. 
Tell them about it in a capsule and they will have it forever.
5. When they were right, and you were wrong
Relationships can be complicated (well, duh). Conflicts and disputes can develop and, for whatever reason, they may never get resolved. If there was time when you were wrong or made a mistake, and you are not able to have the conversation to resolve it, then you can leave a message in a private capsule.
But we really wish you could have that conversation. Maybe make the first move?
6. When you learned something about life that your kids should know 
Perhaps you had a moment that was a transformative learning experience for you. This life lesson can be of tremendous benefit to a daughter, son, grandchild, relative or friend. 
Even if you have talked about it already, putting your thoughts down and leaving it in a capsule gives it additional weight and importance. Sometimes the reality of these experiences makes it tough to talk about. Writing gives you a chance for introspection and to get into the details.
Or, they might not be paying attention now and you hope it will help them when they are ready.
Wrap Up
Life is filled with moments, but some naturally stand out and make a lasting impression on us. Sometimes these moments are beautiful and awe inspiring. Sometimes they are traumatic and terrible. 
Perhaps these moments have already generated a deep conversation between you and those special to you. Or, maybe the time was never right. Capsules are a way for you to forever capture these special events, and share why they meant so much to you. And why they might be meaningful to them.
Is there a particular type of moment that should be on our list? It would be great if you can share it with us in the comments.