Protecting Your Saved Files and Special Moments

You entrust us to keep your files and memories safe and there is nothing more important to us. We have dedicated security experts on our team that continually monitor our system status and assess any potential risks. Our storage and security infrastructure was a core aspect of our design from the beginning.

Protecting your stored information.

A secure computing environment needs to block unwanted traffic from the Internet. To do this we utilize advanced firewalls and application server gateways.
That is a fancy way of saying we monitor all traffic from the Internet before it is given access to our servers. This allows our system to proactively review any connection requests and, if necessary, block hackers or others. Application level gateways are known to be highly secure if you have the significant technical expertise to configure and manage correctly. You can find our team of experts here.

We utilize "expiring" URLs.

To offer protection against people snooping into your computer and logging in to your account, we use expiring URLs (also known as web addresses). Expired URLs will not be recognized by the system and will not connect.

Your stored information is encrypted.

However, in case there is a security breach, we have taken additional precautions. The same unbreakable 256-bit encryption is applied to all text and passwords saved in thoseilove capsules. If someone steals it, it will be unreadable by them and unable to be used.

Full back-ups protect against file corruption or loss.

In addition to encrypting, it is important that we protect against other unlikely circumstances such as processing errors that cause file loss or readability problems. To guard against this, we save a duplicate copy of all capsule information in a separate, world class server facility. The same strict 256-bit encryption policies are applied to this customer data.

We keep no credit card or personal information.

When you purchase a thoseilove membership, none of your credit card or personal details are stored on our website.


Every precaution has been taken to ensure a secure, worry-free environment where our customers can safely save their special moments, memories and messages to pass on to their loved ones.