Introducing thoseilove - An Easy Way to Leave Meaning

We live in a very social world. Beyond spending time with our family and friends, there is a growing number of social platforms and apps encouraging us to stay connected with those we already know, and to build new connections. And this can be very positive. 
We have new opportunities to re-energize old relationships, find lost friends and connect with interesting new people. We can easily broadcast messages out to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people. Our photos and videos can exist online permanently, or we can have them self-destruct to try and maintain some privacy. 
What makes us different?
thoseilove takes a different approach. We give people the opportunity to be intensely personal and private with only their closest loved ones. Messages left for kids, grandchildren, spouses, family or close friends can include any combination of letters, pictures, videos or digital documents.
It’s private and nobody will see the content meant for them except them.
And you can be as open and honest as you like because when they receive your messages you’ll be, well, dead. Only they will see it. And only after you are gone.
thoseilove lets you leave a completely private capsule, containing digital files in any format, that is unique for each loved one, and delivered after your passing. It’s similar to insurance but providing emotional support rather than financial benefits. 
In these capsules, you can reminisce about special shared moments together, or leave stories and crucial life lessons. You can tell them things you already talked about but you know they weren’t listening, or just leave a heartfelt thank you. 
Now you can easily leave loved ones something of meaning that goes beyond possessions. It preserves what you feel is important, and provides closure at a difficult time.
Why is the time right for
As people get older and they build families, they understand that their death has a deep impact on others. Parents and grandparents have much to say and share with children and grandchildren. And they know life is unpredictable. That is why we buy life insurance and set up wills. Just in case things don't go according to plan.
Until thoseilove, there were no good options for leaving behind a meaningful message to go along with a will or the money from insurance. Letters are prone to loss or being found by the wrong person. Wills are largely static documents that are rarely updated. Computer files are at risk of damage and keeping files private is a problem.
Now you can save, and have delivered, a personalized collection of files for each of your loved ones that will be safe from loss or damage and will not be discovered by the wrong person. You can update the files, since life's circumstances change, at any time using any digital device.
How Does it Work?
Even though is where you sign up and login, it is not just a website. It is a highly secure environment employing the latest bank-grade technology carefully designed and implemented by a team of experienced engineers. 
We encrypt all transfers and saved data, customer files are stored in world-class facilities, and we have built in redundancy with versions of all files saved in separate locations. We are a safe place to store your files and information. 
files in capsule.PNG
Building capsules and saving files and messages is designed to be quick and easy. Simply login to your account and get started. You assign each loved one their own capsule and then upload pretty much any file type.
In addition to the emotional support for loved ones, there are practical uses. You can take control of your online presence by leaving instructions for how you want your Facebook, Twitter or other accounts managed. 
You can reduce the burden on your loved ones by leaving an organized record of your financial and other affairs for your estate executor. Looking for this information is not what your family wants to be doing during a difficult time.
Importantly, you are not just leaving behind a list of digital files for people to look through. That would be like leaving a shoebox full of pictures and expecting others to know exactly why they were important to you. With thoseilove, you add descriptions and comments that go along with your favorite photos or videos. Why were these moments so special to you? What story did you want to tell?
We have developed a reliable trustee process to ensure delivery of your capsules when the time comes. 
Wrap Up
We believe everyone’s life is worth talking about and remembering. With thoseilove, we are making it possible to connect with those you care most about, even after you are gone. 
We hope you find it as satisfying to use as we found it was to build. 
- the thoseilove Team