January 2016

Protecting Your Saved Files and Special Moments

You entrust us to keep your files and memories safe and there is nothing more important to us. We have dedicated security experts on our team that continually monitor our system status and assess any potential risks. Our storage and security infrastructure was a core aspect of our design from the beginning.

Protecting your stored information.

How to Turn Old Tapes Into Digital Video Files

Technology is constantly changing. As digital storage options have become more accessible, those old home movies we painstakingly recorded while peering through heavy cameras have been left to languish in the back of the closet.

What Would You Put In Your Time Capsule?

Time capsules are a curious thing. I'm sure you have witnessed the typical scene shown on the news or online. There is box or cylinder buried underground, or removed from a wall. The owners of the property, or a cheeky building contractor, had collected artifacts that represented that moment in time and save them to be found later. Sometimes they tell people about the time capsule. Sometimes it is left to chance.